Which Drain Cleaner is Best? – Family Dinners

There is a chance that your drain will be blocked through food, hair and soap. There are a variety of drain cleaning products available. Which one is right for you? In this tutorial, you will discover that various drain cleaners work best on different kinds of clogs.

This video illustrates the use of seven drain cleaners tested against various types of blockages. The drain cleaners used were Drano as well as Liquid Plmr, Lye, Clobber Hydrochloric Acid Drain Sticks and Roebic. They found Drano and Liquid Plmr to be most efficient.

Clobber was found to be the strongest cleanser for drains during the vegetable test. for bacon grease Drano and Liquid Plumr are equally effective and effective as Clobber and Hydrochloric Acid. When it came to breaking down tape and paper towel however, none of these products were able to dissolve these substances. This could mean that you’ll have to physically remove the clog. Surprisingly, these same chemicals can dissolve steel corrosion quite effectively. It was best achieved using Lye, Drain Sticks and Roebic. According to this test Bathroom clogs should be solved using Liquid Plumr, Drano, or Lye.