The Science Behind Migraines – Healthy Huntington

strong odors, a fluctuation in temperature or hormonal changes that happen when a woman’s cycle is in full swing are some of the many causes that can trigger an attack of migraine.
Researchers believe low levels of serotonin levels in the brain causes neuropeptides be made, which results in migraine-like headaches. Migraines last anywhere from 4 to 72 percentage for the duration. Your body may continue making efforts to heal over the next few days.
The possibility of suffering from migraines is due to their genetics. They’re three times more prevalent in females than for males. If one of your parents suffers with migraines, you stand a higher possibility that you’ll be affected also suffer from migraines. Every person is susceptible to migraine headaches at any time. Most sufferers can identify the reasons behind the trigger. It is important to seek treatment to treat migraines as early as possible. It is important to take action immediately when you notice the symptoms of migraines. 2gn29f6ura.