Successful Home Staging With Artwork

You’ve got your house decorated just the way you like it.  Sure theme rooms are not for everyone, but if it was good enough for Elvis it’s good enough for you.  But now it’s time to move on.  For some reason though, your open houses aren’t going well.  Turns out most people can’t see themselves living the eccentric millionaire life.  You’re learning the hard way that having too much personality is a surefire way to keep people from being able to imagine themselves in your home.

Luckily we found an article that details the importance of adding artwork and relatively bland decor when staging a home.  If real estate is your business and you’re looking for tips on how to be more successful, or maybe you are getting ready to sell a home…perhaps you watch HGTV all day and just need to know more.  If so, here’s an article we recommend.  For more information read more here: