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t rains heavily, sewers can get overwhelmed and untreated sewage can be a source of contamination for well water. Flooding may also cause contaminants to get absorbed by the well water.

The areas in which there have been an increased risk of contamination by wells are:

A look at the Gulf Coast: Hurricane Harvey resulted in the contamination of wells throughout Texas. Florida The flooding caused by Hurricane Irma caused well water contamination in several areas in Florida. North Carolina: Some areas located in North Carolina were affected by flooding that resulted from Hurricane Florence.

When water rises due to flooding, it may carry contaminants with it. The contaminants could come from various different sources, like:

Sewage that is not treated properly may pollute the water of wells if wastewater systems overflow. The floodwaters can wash away animal wastes, and then contaminate the well water. The floodwaters could also transport chemicals from farms as well as factories. Common water well contaminants

E.coli is among the most frequent contaminants found that are found in well water. E.coli is a type of bacteria that is found throughout the world, may result in serious health issues in individuals. Symptoms of E. E. coli infections include diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.

E. E. coli can be a problem for well waters after heavy rains as a result of overflowing sewage. E.coli is naturally present in animals. The flooding of wells may cause water contamination by introducing animals’ waste.

Another common chemical is lead. Old pipes and fixtures can let lead into water wells. Lead can be discovered near holes in soil. It can also be carried to well water from below the surface during floods.

Leap exposure may cause numerous health issues such as learning disabilities and behavioral issues in young children. Lead exposure can cause high blood pressure and kidney damage in older adults.

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