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In the event that a wolf ends up in prison, the first thing he does is to get out fast as speedily as possible. It is typically done by placing bail. To make sure that the arrested person is present at the court, the bail amount must be posted. It can be posted in form of property, money or a bond. The judge can choose to hold the bail or issue an arrest warrant in case the defendant is not present.
Since many people want to be released as soon as possible, bail must be set at the discretion of the court. A majority of jails are equipped with basic bail calendars, which define the amount of bail required for most crimes. An arrested person may be released quickly by posting an amount that is specified in the official stationhouse bail list. A suspect may request that the bail amount be decreased if they are unable to pay the specified bail amount. In accordance with the procedures of the state the request for reduced bail may be made in a hearing for bond special cases or at the time the accused is before the judge for the first appearance. But bailbonds will be refused if there is compelling evidence that the accused will interfer with the witnesses in the trial.