How to Make Your Own Minecraft Server Hosting Services – Cityers

n? These tutorials will teach you how to design affordable and yet effective Minecraft server hosting solutions.

The first way to set up a Minecraft server is the most common method however it only functions locally. Before you are able to enable cheats or select the mode you’d like to enable then you have to sign up for the map you want to use. The server should then pop in LAN and everyone that is connected to it can join in.

A second option is available on LAN but as long that the host computer remains in operation, all players playing on the server is able to play. The server cannot be played if the server is down. Third method isn’t limited to LANs, however anyone who has an IP address is able to join your server from any place around the world.

It is also possible to visit Aternos to set up servers for no cost. It is easy to use and easy-to-follow guidelines. There might be a period of waiting before the server goes live in the near future, but for a cost-free server, you can’t ask for better! You can also subscribe to Minecraft realms and start your server.

If you want to learn more about Minecraft hosting server services, and how you can set them up, watch the instructions in this video or check out the websites listed!