How Do I Create a Male Figure Print? – Digital Arts Magazine

print can be harder to draw than one for a woman, however both come with their own tricks. The YouTube video “Zimou Tan : Art drawing male figures” describes precisely how an artist gets started sketching on a blank page using charcoal. Find out more!

The artist starts by drawing lines with charcoal however, he’s not using the end. Instead, the piece charcoal is short and horizontal on the paper, allowing him to create huge marks. The way he made the shadows and also the general shape of the print. The charcoal was pressed deeper and often into the dark regions. It appears as if nothing is there at first , but as it develops, it forms.

The artist started to outline male figures by using the tip of the charcoal. The upward slope of the back and shoulders are evident. By using the tips of his fingers the artist will begin working with the charcoal, smoothing with the charcoal to create stunning shadow effects.

If you want to know more details about how you can print male figures You can watch the remainder of the video.