Home Burglary Statistics You Need to Know – Family Picture Ideas

Home intrusion. Even though crime statistics differ greatly upon where you live, there are still many ways you can ensure that no one is able to gain entry into your home or apartment. While no one should be ever in fear of the house they live in will be broken into however it’s an excellent plan to understand the common methods used by burglars. This video provides a brief overview of the figures that were compiled out of 2021’s crime report concerning burglaries in the United States.

You might be surprised, that every thirteen seconds there’s an average of 1.4 million reports of home burglaries each year. It’s hard to prove burglaries at trial since evidence of physical nature is in short supply and many cases do not have witnesses. The majority of burglars infiltrate homes through their front doors however 22% use their back doors. The two doors together with the windows in the first floor, will be ideal places to put up cameras if you’re feeling uneasy. It is possible to have 24-hour monitoring cameras to monitor for unwelcome guests in your house.