Golf Cart Maintenance That Will Keep You on the Green – UPside Living

Of everything you should understand about proper maintenance, operation, and repair of your vehicle. You can also find additional suggestions for maintaining your golf cart to prolong their life. It is essential to turn the key off to begin the vehicle. Check to see if there is nothing impeding your route. You must remove any obstructions prior to you are able to drive. Also, conduct regular checks of the vehicle to ensure that the steering, brakes, and tires are operating properly.

It is important to slow but steadily move the accelerator pedal to the point that the cart is at the speed that you wish to achieve. After that, you can remove the accelerator pedal and cruise. To stop your golf cart, press very hard on the brake pedal as you come to a stop. Make sure the cart is clean. This can be done by applying a mild detergent and using a garden hose in order to wash it. After that, it is necessary to dry it out to avoid the rust from forming. Last, make sure to put your golf cart away somewhere in a cool, dry area.