Causes of Upper Back Pain – Bright Healthcare

The majority of upper back pain result of muscle inflammation either from joint injury or joint dysfunction. The most common reasons for upper back pain include:
-Poor posture. A sedentary life style or sitting regularly for prolonged durations with poor posture may lead to structural changes in the neck and back. The muscles that have been injured can create a spine that is not align properly.

-Improper lifting technique. Unskillful lifting can lead to excess stress on the back and upper. Particularly the act of lifting or holding an object that is heavy above your head, specifically to the right or left, as opposed to centered, may make the upper and lower back more susceptible to injury.

-Overuse. A prolonged use of the upper back, such as by helping someone move in the new house or by hanging a ceiling painting, could result in muscle strains as well as ligament sprains.
A collision or an accident. Trauma caused by an automobile accident (car/bike crash) as well as falling from high places (down steps or off ladders), or sports collisions (football or hockey for examples). Lower back pain may result from injuring the spinal bones, muscles, spines, discs, and nerves.