Can Lasers Be Used to Clean Teeth? – Health Advice Now

problems. The treatment with lasers is distinct from the typical dentist’s cleaning procedure because specialized dental equipment is unnecessary. Specialists make use of a light-radiated laser to eliminate plaque and tartar.

Lasers can be used to vaporize or cut teeth during surgery or dental treatments. Lasers also enhance the efficacy of bleaching products that are applied in teeth-whitening treatments. Certain dentists employ lasers to treat conditions of the mouth such as lesion removal gum disease and tooth decay. Lasers are also used to accelerate teeth-whitening procedures.

Because the laser is able to cut through both soft and hard tissues and the dentist is able to clean below the gumline using the laser. The only thing required is for the dentist to point the laser at an area, removing plaque and tartar.

As compared to the conventional method that involves deep cleansing the teeth, using lasers is more pleasant for the patient as it causes minimal bruising, bleedingand pain while shortening the healing time. Patients are often able to get back to eating normally after their thorough cleaning procedure in a matter of days. wjwrpuhxmb.